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Content Writing & Time

Both web design companies and clients are often unaware of the amount of time content writing can consume. Thus they often do not plan for additional time to do this properly. Effective content serves as a basis for organic search engine optimization, which is a more natural way for search engines to analyse your website.

We regard content writing as part of the web design process and in most cases require it to be completed before designing a website. We believe the quantity, type and quality of the content should be kept under consideration when designing a website.

The Pylogen Content Writing Team

Pylogen currently has a dedicated team responsible for writing content, ensuring that it is grammatically correct and aligning the content keywords with the website search engine optimization goals. This team is responsible for analyzing your competitors and ensuring that your content ends up above your competitors. However, it is important to remember that search engine optimization is not a quick fix and can take a few weeks to several months to implement properly.