Basic SMS Solution

Whether you simply want to send a few SMS messages or to a full client database, our SMS website will provide you with the functionality you need. Visit RezSMS and register for free to try out our retail SMS service.

Integrated SMS & MMS Solutions

SMS and MMS messages are regularly used in both software systems and websites. Countless possibilities are available, such as:
  • Login passwords/keys
  • Reminders or notifications
  • Confirmation of actions or orders
  • Marketing purposes
Both our SMS and MMS messages can be customized and incorporated into any system, within any process. Contact us if you would like to explore the possibilities for your company.

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The simple and fast way to get started on sending cheap single or bulk SMS messages to multiple or single recipients. The idea behind RezSMS came from the need for a simple straight to the point SMS service, where you can create an account, buy SMS credits instantly and start sending right away.
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RezSMS Prices

RezSMS are focussed on keeping SMS prices as low as possible. We rather encourage high volume use than premium prices.

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RezSMS Features
RezSMS has work hard to improve on the way traditional SMS sites work. We wanted to develop a site that would be so enjoyable to use, you would not want to close it!

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