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Development Services


We specialize in the development of corporate software applications and have a wide range of skills and tools available to ensure development of the highest standards.

On the one hand, software remains powerful and is most effective in situations where heavy processing is required. While it often poses mobility issues, these can easily be countered with automatic software updating. More and more people are turning to online web applications since it can save time, is more cost effective, exposes them to a wider product range and allows them to compare quality and prices.

On the other hand, software development enables companies to implement vast systems capable of immense processing and calculation power. Most limitations of web applications are easily overcome in a software project, allowing for more advanced communication methods between the hardware and software.

We currently have the capabilities for the follow development technologies:

C# / MS SQL / Windows Forms Development

This includes all development done in C# for Windows Forms-based applications. We currently have more developers capable of C# Windows Forms-based development than WPF. The presentation capabilities of WPF greatly outweighs that of C# Windows Forms-based applications.

PHP & MySQL Development

Our second development team specializes in PHP and MySQL development. While there are numerous discussions about which development language is best to use, we prefer to either choose for our client or provide both options if the need arises. Both our C# and PHP teams are of top quality and deliver only the best products.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) (C#)

WPF bring greater functionality to the presentation capabilities of a software system, such as animation and movement capabilities. WPF is the "Windows-based" version of Silverlight, just like C# Windows Forms-based development is of ASP.NET.

Adobe Flash Development

  In some situations Flash development can be more efficient than another language. This is best determined on a per-project basis.