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Planning - Our foundation for development

Any software project that is based on anything except planning is most likely to exceed budget and time limitations. Planning ensures that client requirements meet developer intuition.

Merging Client Requirements

It rarely happens that a client has the resources to create a complete set of specification documents, especially when there are multiple parties providing input. The first step for our business analysts is to consolidate the various environment requirements obtained from all the project stakeholders. Any inconsistencies are eliminated and various requirements are merged into a more feasible solution. This allows the software development process to be based on proper findings, rather than suggestions or comments.

Documenting Findings

With large scale projects the amount of data collected can be immense. Extra effort ensures that we properly document all findings and build documentation that can easily be read and understood by all the stakeholders of the project. These specifications are adapted and kept up to date as conversations continue and additional requirements are identified.

Project Management

The findings are concluded in a project management plan that includes the deadlines and budgets for all the phases of the project. This includes any information relating to versions, testing, releases, development stages, etc.