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Our Development Approach

We believe in thorough planning before starting with any software development work. In fact, we believe we have perfected the art of planning and pride ourselves on our method of pre-development systems analysis.

Our method of systems analysis consists of three main steps:

Business Analysis

During the Business or Organisational Analysis step, we take time to form an in-depth understanding of the organisation, studying and analysing the current ways in which it operates, the challenges it faces and the procedures and methods its people are familiar with. This gives us an idea of what needs to change, what needs to stay the same, what can be refined, where new solutions are needed and where solutions have already been found and should be retained. 

We believe that software should adapt to your vision, instead of the other way around.

Functional Analysis

During the Functional Analysis step, we put all of the information gathered during the Business Analysis step to good use through a process of restructuring current systems and inventing new ones for optimum operational efficiency. Note that neither the Business Analysis nor the Functional Analysis are in fact "IT processes".

Part of the beauty of this approach is that the solutions developed during these two steps make business and organisational sense and can be implemented using any suitable form of technology or programming language.

Technical Specifications

Only during the final Technical Specifications step do we start to think in terms of an IT application. This is where we translate organisational solutions into a language understandable to a programmer, focusing on outcomes such as interface, back-end operations and coding.

The result of these three processes, together forming the pre-development Systems Analysis, is the Specifications Document. This documentation is a road map that outlines how to go about developing the software that has already been designed during the Systems Analysis process. It gives a very clear indication to the client of what his project will entail, how long it will take and what the costs will be. It is also comprehensive enough to be used by any software development team as a step-by-step blueprint on how to develop the system.

Our Speciality

We have three particular areas of expertise that sets us apart:

  • Our stand-alone systems analysis service.
  • Over 45 years of combined C#, PHP and Javascript development experience.
  • Our knowledge and experience in Silverlight.