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Testing is usually required on a scale relevant to the size of your project. However, it is crucial in some cases and can determine the success of a software development project. Testing can, in the same way as the complete project, be planned for and measured from the beginning to the end. 

Failure to include testing in the project plan can result in situations where you just don't have enough time to test and evaluate properly. Regardless of the effort put into planning, software testing is a must to ensure that the goals set during the planning stage have been successfully implemented.


Unit Testing

Testing can be taken a step further and broken down to a more technical level where you develop software to test your software. This allows software developers to run automated tests at any stage during development to test individual functions and ensure that they calculate correctly and return the desired results.

Depending on the size of a project, unit testing can greatly increase the development time, but can dramatically reduce maintenance costs.

Software Version & Source Control

When a large team works on a single project, managing code can become tedious, troublesome and create countless problems. Depending on the size of a development project, we assign a "Source Control Manager", either part-time or full-time, to manage the branches of development. His or her duties include:


  1. Doing quality checks on all source codes.
  2. Evaluating the deliverable against the specifications .
  3. Evaluating the deliverable against the test use-cases and criteria.
  4. Incorporating approved branches into the main trunk or project.

Software Implementation & Distribution

While the basics might remain the same for any software development project, one rule still stands superior to them all: if it costs you more time than it saves you, it is simply not worth it. 
Care should be taken when launching and distributing your software project. Administration and costs must be kept to a minimum. The more it can be automated, the better. Anything is possible! Don't be told otherwise. It might just take a little bit more time and resources...