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"Web Development Defined" - Video Transcript

This is

Pylogen is a Web Development Company, but what does that mean?

In general, the term "Web Development" refers to any kind of work involved in creating websites for the internet.

But amongst web professionals, "web development" often refers to the non-design aspects of building websites.

So, within the field of web development, we have "Web Design" on the one hand.

And everything else on the other, collectively and misleadingly, also known as "Web Development".

Web designers specialise in the fundamentals of art and design, like composition, colour theory and typography. They're responsible for the design of a website's visual Layout, but also less visual forms of design, like Information Architechture and user interface design.

Web Development is more technical and includes, hosting and domain registration, server and database setup and management, Content management system setup and maintenance, coding and writing markup and even software development. Basically everything that happens behind the scenes to make a website work.

As a web development company, does that mean we don't do anything design orientated?

What about grey areas, like CSS Styling, Flash development, image creation and manipulation and copy writing?

It's clear that the lines are a bit blurred.

That's why we don't define ourselves according to the criteria of Design vs Development.

We found our place in the industry by assessing the requirements of the client.

We focus on building websites, with everything that goes along with it.

But all websites are not created equal.

The purpose of some websites is Marketing and Communications.

Other website are the homes of highly sophisticated, centralised software applications, previously only available as desktop software.

And some websites are a bit of both.

That's why Pylogen has a Marketing and Communications sub-division, dedicated to providing online marketing solutions.

But our core competency is the development of software and applications that live on the web.

And that is what this website is about.

So, what are we really trying to say?

To create any website, you need a mix of Design and Development.

But that's just the start.

The purpose of a website is what really counts.

Some websites are specialised Marketing and Communications tools. We can do that.

Other websites are web-based software applications. We excel at doing that.

And that's what we mean when we say we're a web development company.