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Sunitram Fuel

Sunitram and Pylogen have joined forces in a partnership to combine knowledge and experience to revolutionise the way fuel management systems function. The unique experiences of each company in each industry contribute valuable insight into the workings of fuel management systems (FMS) on the forecourts of the retail and commercial industry, and also the information and communications technologies (ICT) available today. This enables us to bring forth a system that utilises state of the art communication technologies like the web and smart nodes to manage the distribution and authorisation of fuel and fueling, to reduce the potential of theft and fraud associated with the fueling industry.

Sunitram developed a patented visual verification system that can be combined with different applications to visually identify the person authorised to use a card relating to a vehicle or an account. This can potentially reduce the use of fraudulent petrol and other bank cards to purchase fuel and goods at stores. The current focus of Sunitram is to import this concept into a fuel management system to reduce the amount of fraudulent transactions taking place on a ongoing basis.

Pylogen has years of experience on systems that communicate on a client-server architect, and also systems that utilise "the cloud" to give anytime access to valuable information no matter from where in the world. This allows us to develop a system that can send time critical information to the relevant parties and give timely updates on fuel and other related transactions.

Sunitram and Pylogen trusts that in working with the banks and other major players the system can potentially identify and signal criminal activities as they happen, allowing instant response to neutralise the threats. The system will also allow instant live authorisation to effectively prevent any fraudulent transactions from happening.

Current System

The current system is being developed from the ground up and focuses on interfacing with the hardware and the authorization of the vehicles and attendants in a closed pool. The system uses a visual authorisation system for vehicles and attendants, and can be used to allow transactions to occur only on authorised vehicles by authorised personnel.

The system has a built in shift end processing mechanism.  Totalising of transactions and theoretical and counted fuel volumes are calculated and stored on a daily basis. Each shifts details is transmitted to an off site end point where the data can be further processed by accounting software.

The system also allows for price changes by setting prices before hand to allow for an automatic switchover when the time arrives.

The system features a build in web interface that allows for remote configuration and monitoring of transactions as they are completed. Also the update of the authentication details can be handled remotely.

Features to Come

We are constantly working on implementing new features. As the system is tested by some of our clients, new features are identified that we work to implement on the system. The potential of the hardware setup allows us to do things that is normally not available.

The system will eventually we working in an "online" state where transaction information is submitted as they are completed, allowing us to provide clients and their clients with access to up to date current information about the fuel being pumped into their vehicles. And also summaries of where and how many was filled up.

We are also working on implementing a credit facility that will allow clients to purchase fuel credits that can be dispensed into their fleet without drivers having to settle the account at the station.

The existing system will also be equipped with a fuel tank management system that allows for theoretical tracking of fuel tank levels. Manual measurement values will also be allowed to be entered to update to bring the theoretical levels up to date. Later we will also be interfacing with electronic measurement systems that allows for realtime tracking of tank levels.

Future of the System

The future of the system is not set in stone and we are constantly adjusting and adding to the list of potential enhancements. We work with potential clients to determine their specific needs and to develop the system accordingly. Our vision is a system that can be adopted to suite any layout or requirement so to eliminate the shortcomings of existing legacy systems.

We are constantly reaching out to role players in the industry to provide knowledgeable input to expand and build on the concept of the final product. So we are open to any company that would like to share their requirements and allow us to build a system that will specifically suite their needs.

Early Adopters

We are interested in any company that is willing to place orders on a few systems for piloting purposes, and at the same time allow us to adopt the system to their specific needs.