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About NAKO

Simply put, NAKO is a software solution that masters Time & Attendance by integrating biometric fingerprint scanning hardware with existing payroll systems.

NAKO has a powerful reporting section. With more than 10 report types ranging from company, department to individual level a company can get more than enough information about the time & attendance situation within their organization.

On top of the reporting system is a just-as-powerful statistics component. Various statistics can be drawn and the information to be displayed can be customized to a very large extend.

With more than 1700 hours of development time invested into NAKO, it has grown to an exceptionally successful software product, boasting with more than 50 active clients currently using the system on a large scale. The system has the following capabilities:

  • Integrattion with various payroll systems like VIPPayroll and Pastel. 
  • Exporting of data in various files such as fixed width or csv format.
  • Advanced user access control on screen and department levels.
  • Automatic synchronization between clock systems and payroll systems.
  • SMS capabilities
  • In-depth data management including departments, shifts, shift rules, time entries, employees, leave, etc.