Momentum Marketing Campaign

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Planning the Project

This system was designed to serve as a marketing campaign manager solution for future marketing campaigns to be run. The system is capable of sending countless SMS, MMS and E-Mails according to data, templates and criteria set for each campaign.

The first step was to identify the goals and requirements of the project. Various meetings were held to determine the client's needs. Needs and requirements are converted into a planning document that is easy to understand without leaving out any important information. Process flows are identified and documented to help the client understand various possibilities, some that previously went by unnoticed.

Planning the System

Once the requirements of the project has been identified and all processes planned and approved, we continued to plan individual screens. In this case the project went through numerous phases and included quite a large number of design changes. Once all screens have been approved, development could be started.

Deliverables: 3 documents totaling 44 pages.

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