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IT Consulting - Overview

Software development can often feel like a huge mountain that must be crossed. Not only is proper development more difficult than your average job, it is incredibly difficult to calculate budgets, time lines and estimates based on initial client requirements. Once this first hurdle is overcome, it becomes even more difficult for most software development companies to maintain a grasp on reaching actual deadlines and staying within budget constraints.

Therefore it is crucial to maintain a firm grasp on planning and project management, especially with larger scale projects. Hiring a consultation firm is a feasible option to ensure that your investment is not only well-spent, but also well-managed. A consultation firm can easily maintain an objective perspective towards a project and is less likely to ignore or miss irregularities occurring within a project timeline.

Pylogen has already overcome those high hurdles, so make use of our consultation hours to get past the hurdles instead of healing a injury from the fall!

Planning & Specifications

IT consultation firstly ensures that planning is performed properly. Dreams must be converted into practical, feasible plans and should not be lost in translation! A consultation firm can ensure that software requirements are properly understood, documented and planned. When technical jargon complicates a document, we can simplify it without losing meaning or capabilities.

Project Management

It is easy to set up a project plan, but considerably more difficult to stick to it. A consultation firm or third party company can more effectively monitor project plans and the implementation thereof, since they are not caught in the rush of maintaining those deadlines and budgets. Pylogen's IT consulting services ensure that proper project plans are constructed, implemented and maintained. We make sure that clear goals and deadlines are set and kept.


Security measures are often neglected, especially when crucial information is relevant. We have specialists standing by to crack the code and to search for the cracks in your walls. The depth of the consultation is greatly dependent on the size, complexity and requirements of each individual project. The consultation requirements can range from validating server side functions and encryption requirements to cracking a code.



With a combined total of over 100 years' experience, some of the most thorough developers are on standby to evaluate and ensure high quality coding and technical documentation. Very few developers are truly thorough in the implementation of their code. It takes years of experience to think of development, and we have some of the best. Our senior developers can work in co-operation with other software development companies or play devil's advocate.

Source-Control, Testing & Implementation

But the work is not done once development is completed. A close eye must be kept on source control, the versioning of software, (unit) testing, implementation and distribution. Software developers often rush to implementation without properly testing and documenting updates or improvements. While this can easily be fixed with smaller projects, with larger ones this can lead to catastrophic losses. Our consultation services can be extended to include all the above and ensure that set guidelines and standards are kept throughout development.