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IT Consulting

Planning and analysis play a crucial role in software development. Visit our IT Consulting portfolio for more information on the IT Consulting services we've done before.

Pylogen IT Consulting | Example: Momentum


Websites have become an integral part of any organization. We pride ourselves on our capability to design and implement uniquely designed websites. We plan each website individually and carefully choose the right add-ons for each client.

Websites | Example: MagicMoment 


Web Development

Web applications are basically software systems that work on the internet (or through a browser). Web applications are often websites where clients can log in and perform certain activities. Web applications can be used to streamline business processes or to provide additional customer interactivity.

Web Development | Example: FNB

Software Development

Software systems are usually your most powerful systems. Software has the capabilities to access more computer or operating resources than websites. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to use software rather than websites. Contact us if you need more information!

Software Development | Example: NAKO


Social Media

The incorporation of social media into websites have become a must do. Utilising social media to grow your customer base is essential. Various options are available to do so and should be selected carefully to ensure optimum results.

Social Media | Example: Pretty Gardens Centre

Communication Solutions

Integration of communication solutions are a general practise in current software and websites. This includes functionality such as SMS messaging, bulk e-mailing or MMS messages. When utilised correctly these communication features can both reduce your costs and improve marketing reach.

Communication Solutions | Example: RezSMS