Glossary of Web based systems Development and Systems Analysis


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We know that we use a lot of technical jargon. Hence why we think it might be a good idea to give a few translations:

Systems Analysis

Wikipedia's definition of Systems Analysis

Web-Based Application

Wikipedia's definition of Web-Based Application

Desktop Application

Wikipedia's definition of Desktop Application

Programming Language

In general, a programming language is an artificial language, with a defined syntax (describing the possible ways of combining symbols of the language correctly) that is used to write programs or algorithms.  In this context the purpose of a program is to direct a machine, usually a computer, to perform certain operations.  

Thus a programming language is a communication system that enables a human user, like a programmer, to create programs that other users can use to communicate with a computer. These programs can direct a computer to perform certain tasks, behave in a certain way or produce specific results.   

For a broader definition, see Wikipedia's article on Programming Languages.

Web Development

Web development is a term that is used in many ways with different intended meanings. In general, web developers and web designers work together in creating web-based products, respectively on the back-end and front-end side of things.  As such, their roles inevitably overlap.  

The role of a web developer (back-end) can be as simple as writing HTML markup for a static website, which overlaps with the role of a web designer, or as complex as developing or programming a web-based application or software package using sophisticated programming languages (a form of software development).

For a broader definition, see Wikipedia's article on Web Development.

Web Design

While web developers work on the back-end of web-based or Internet products, web designers work on the front-end or user facing side.  This involves functions such as the design (as opposed to development) of, amongst other things, the visual layout of websites and internet applications (a function similar to that of graphic designers), the look and feel of the user interface and the structure or architecture of website content.  

Some web designers are also involved in converting their visual designs into functioning products, using more technical aspects of the process, such as HTML, CSS and even Java Script. Though this overlaps with the role of web development. 

For a broader definition, see Wikipedia's article on Web Design.


Silverlight is an application framework developed by Microsoft.  It is similar to Adobe Flash in the sense that it is used to enhance websites by facilitating rich content such as animations and multimedia.  

A common use for Silverlight is the development of feature-rich, web-based applications, since it is ideal for creating user interfaces with a strong emphasis on interactivity that runs straight from the user's web browser.  Most browsers are Silverlight-compatible with the installation of a free plug-in.

Wikipedia's definition of Silverlight


With development, we mean the process of building or creating the more technical or back-end side of a web product (website, application, etc.).  In this sense the term can sometimes be a synonym for programming, when the development process involves work in a programming language.  

The term 'Development' is sometimes used in contrast with the term 'Design', where development is more focused on the technical side and design on the aesthetic and sometimes functional side.  Alternatively, the design process can be seen as the planning process, answering questions like: "what will it look like?", "how will it work?" and "how will it be structured?". Meanwhile development can be seen as the implementation process, where the plan or design becomes reality through technical implementation. 

Wikipedia's definition of Development

Business Analyses

Wikipedia's definition of Business Analyses

Functional Analyses

Wikipedia's definition of Functional Analyses


Wikipedia's definition of C#


Wikipedia's definition of PHP


Wikipedia's definition of ASP.NET


Wikipedia's definition of XML