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Our Offering

Pylogen specialises in Web Development. If your needs fall more within the realm of Web Design and Web Services.

The Pylogen offering can best be described in terms of three areas of service:

Pylogen Services

Systems Analysis

A crucial part of any development project we embark on is the pre-development Systems Analysis phase. We will not start development on any project before we can confidently tell our client how long the project will take, how much it will cost and what the different parts of the development process will entail. 

The result of a Systems Analysis is the Specifications Document, which serves as a road map for the development process. As the essence of any project, we take pride in our Specifications Documentation and see it as a blueprint for development that can guide any development team chosen by the client, whether it be Pylogen or not. In this sense, a Pylogen Systems Analysis can be seen as a stand-alone service without obligation to the client to continue development with us or not.


Most of the systems we develop are designed to function online as Web-Based Systems. In light of this, the technologies we specialise in are:


We don't just see our systems as commissioned products to be signed off on as soon as possible. We form a lasting relationship with our client, from the point of Systems Analysis, where we get intimately acquainted with the operations, needs and challenges of the organisation so we can design solutions tailored to their needs, to the development process where we construct these solutions. Once a project has been completed, we want to ensure that the organisation benefits from the work we have done. We derive great satisfaction from seeing our products being put to productive use.

To achieve this, we offer comprehensive support, training and maintenance for our systems after completion.

Our Background

The Name

Pylogen comes from 2 words: Pylon + Genesis.

Pylon: A beacon used to guide pilots
Genesis: The Beginning

Thus: Pylogen, your guide from the beginning.

Our Vision

To see the business community change a country. The power of the business community is unstoppable and we must utilize this power for the good of the country and all its citizens.

Our Mission

Pylogen is an innovative company which harnesses the power of Information and Communication Technology to raise infrastructure and resources in order to establish a robust and flexible foundation on which to build in-touch (great communication with each other), informed (no lack of necessary knowledge) and intelligent (grown wisdom) communities with the power to transform countries.

We create the capability to effectively impart thought practices that free people from limiting paradigms (by changing their perception regarding information and communication technology) and behaviours, resulting in them being propelled to prosperity.